Easily Upgrade Your Processes

If you’re looking to improve your internal material flow processes, you’ve come to the right place. Our automatic warehouse systems can give you an edge over competitors and help you reach your full potential as a manufacturer or distributor.

Automating your warehouse can be simple with the right team by your side. Our conveyance and warehouse technology can be easily modified to suit your needs and is built to last.

We Offer a Range of Options - We'll Find the Right One for You

Container and Carton Conveyors

Conveyor systems can deliver units quickly and accurately throughout your warehouse. They are superior to manual transportation as they can increase productivity, improve accuracy, keep labour costs down and can be easily adapted for product changes.

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Pallet Conveyor System

The GEBHARDT conveyor system 500 is a pallet conveyor that can improve throughput within your warehouse. Made of high-quality components, this solution is robust and easily modifiable if your needs change. It is easy to assemble and can include a variety of helpful components, such as lifting stations, turntables, stackers and more.

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Sorting Technology

Our sorters are conveyor systems that can sort units and deliver items to their destination. These clever devices can recognise different goods by their barcode, using sensors, and eject them at their appropriate destination.

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Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Storage and retrieval machines are vehicles that transport units from storage shelves to the material flow and vice versa. They can securely carry the heaviest of goods and have a very high level of order selection accuracy.

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Goods Lift

Our series of goods lifts can help you transport goods to different levels of your warehouse by creating a quick route vertically. They can transport workers and units alike and come with several safety components as standard.

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The GEBHARDT SimplePick workstation range can help maximise your employee’s picking and packing performance. Additional devices such as a Pick-to-Light system can also help minimise human errors by showing order information and indicating the right tray for each order.

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We have several types of intralogistics software available to assist with your daily logistics activities. Our warehouse software lets you access operational data, visualise processes, schedule predictive maintenance and more.

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Advantages of the GEBHARDT Conveyor Technology

  • Higher warehouse throughput
  • Greater order accuracy and traceability
  • Improved site safety
  • Energy-efficient processes
  • Low maintenance and easily scalable equipment

Individual Applications for GEBHARDT Conveying & Sorting Technology


SpeedSorter® loop


Goods lifts


Pallet Conveyor Technology


Pallet Conveyor Technology

With GEBHARDT Galileo IoT for Intralogistics 4.0

The GEBHARDT Galileo IoT Platform is the first step in the direction of Intralogistics 4.0. It enables the operators of intralogistics systems to fully and comprehensively digitalise and network all system components in a cloud, from the equipment to the control and software, and beyond. With this, intralogistics are “IoT-ready”.

System advantages:

  • Easy entry into digitalisation and Intralogistics 4.0
  • Highly scalable
  • Dashboards with a view of all intralogistics areas
  • Material flow monitoring
  • Cloud technology offers a high level of availability and limitless access
  • Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring
  • Virtualisation of systems / digital twin in 3D
  • Augmented Reality reality applications

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